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Release Notes

September & October 2022

AUTHOR: OpenWeb Team

Here are the latest product feature enhancements from our Product Team.  Highlights include all-new email notification designs, new social sharing options for comments, and an improved registration user experience.



  • When an ad script starts loading, it triggers an ads-script-started event.  Publishers can capture these events to use for analytics or to initiate custom actions.


  • Users can now share comments to Pinterest.

  • We updated our commenting text editor infrastructure in Conversation and LiveBlog  to improve stability and performance.

Email Notifications

  • Translations to all 21 languages are now supported.

  • An updated design improves clarity to increase engagement, with the publisher’s logo and full comment context.  


  • The Registration modal now features the publisher’s logo.

  • Call-to-action wording now changes according to the action the user performs, to clarify the benefit from signing up.  This will help increase registration completion rates.

  • The Reset Password link now uses the canonical article URL to return users to the article reliably.

Bug Fixes


  • The sticky Ad Unit container width has been corrected, and sticky ads no longer cover sticky site content.


  • Admins can now set one of their own comments as a featured comment.

  • Journalists are now able to report comments.

  • YouTube video embedding now shows a preview. 

  • In SafeFrame implementations, users can now use the Sort by dropdown menu to order comments.

  • Embedded links within the comments are now clickable.

  • Quotes now look the same when composing a new comment and after posting it.

  • Message options can now be viewed in dark mode by staff members.

  • The Spanish translation for the Sign up link has been corrected to “Registrarse.”

  • The Portuguese translation for the Copy Link share caption has been corrected to “Copie o link.”

  • The text editor has been improved by fixing bugs related to text icon alignment and size, and text editing and writing. 

  • Notification settings changes are now saved as expected.


  • When a user logs in again with email, the user's email is populated in the Email text field and the Password field is in focus.

  • (Android/iOS) User avatars display fully when a user logs in again to the same account.

User Profile

  • The User Profile now opens correctly from the mini-profile hover CTA.

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