OpenWeb Team
Release Notes

September 2023

AUTHOR: OpenWeb Team

We have been hard at work bringing you the latest enhancements and bug fixes to ensure a smooth and efficient user experience. Here's a summary of the notable changes.


Admin Panel

  • A label has been applied to articles set to Strict Moderation and to comments sent to the pending queue while in a Strict article.

  • Pending Queue and All tabs have three additional sub-queues: All, Published, and Not Published.

  • Multi select options are now available within the filter functionality, allowing simultaneous selection of comment states and moderation tags.

Email Notifications

  • When a user receives an email about a reported comment being edited or deleted, clicking Learn more displays the relevant conversation with a toast notification stating, "The reported comment is no longer available".


  • Microsoft Login is now available within the OpenWeb registration.

Bug Fixes


  • Comments load after changing the sorting option.

  • Cyrillic characters no longer bypass moderation.

Admin Panel

  • In the Admin Panel 2FA, the Change Number and Resend buttons are now clickable.

  • On mobile web, password managers no longer trigger security warnings.

  • All rejected comments appear in the All tab.

  • Upon first login, the moderation pending queue displays updated data.


  • A user avatar can now be uploaded from the onboarding modal.

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