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Release Notes

September - October 2021

AUTHOR: OpenWeb Team

New Features


A floating notification bell widget can now be enabled and configured through the Admin Panel. Requiring no additional code, this always-visible notification solution increases user engagement with notifications.


  • If you have logged out, you can now employ the last used account and authentication method to log in again.



  • Users can now receive email notifications when their comments are featured by a staff member.

    • The average star rating now updates in real-time, enabling your users to see how their ratings impact the average rating.

Native SDK

  • By presenting the full Conversation completion handler, tracking is enabled for your app when the Conversation widget is open.

    • The native iOS SDK is responsive to window size changes to support the iPad's split view.


  • By defining a common, left-justified alignment, we have improved the readability of all read and unread notifications.

    • (English only) The names of user interface elements are written in Title Case.

    • When you make any setting changes, they are saved immediately. You no longer need to click Done.


  • When a ReCaptcha error occurs during login or registration, you now receive an alert and a request to try again at a later time.

    • For the "incorrect password or email" prompt, long language translations are shown in multiple lines.

Bug Fixes


  • Aligned star icons with the average star rating text

    • Eliminated distracting creation text box behavior when hovering 

    • Corrected padding on the creation text box

    • Truncated long bio text on the user profile modal

Native SDK

  • Cleared highlight on upvote/downvote button when user is logged out

    • (React Native) Fixed SSO login screen appearing behind Conversation screens

    • Fixed terms & privacy text on pre-conversation with no comments

    • Fixed SDK crashing when trying to parse comment HTML text

    • (iOS) Enabled editing of new comment creation screen title


  • Corrected inaccurate Hebrew translations of moderation decisions notifications

    • Made all notification settings buttons viewable

    • Added conjunctions to notifications mentioning several users

    • Extended hover effect to cover full-width of popup notifications

    • Set Change email link under Notification Settings to inherit the menu's CSS settings


  • Enabled dark mode support on all modals 

    • Removed logic that restricted the use of an email when a sign-up fails

    • (iOS) Reduced padding and margins on the Complete Your Profile modal

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