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Release Notes

January - February 2022

AUTHOR: OpenWeb Team

New Features


  • Conversation can now be added to a React single-page application.

  • A JavaScript function can now be used to display the number of user comments posted to a Conversation.

  • Single sign-on support has been added for the MyLo user management system.

    • To help reduce login friction and improve successful conversion rates, non-SSO partners can now log in again using the same method previously used. 


  • Single sign-on support has been added for the MyLo user management system.

  • To help reduce login friction and improve successful conversion rates, non-SSO partners can now log in again using the same method previously used.


  • (Android | iOS) Supports editing comments.

  • (Android | iOS) Can see the number of viewers active in the conversation in the header.

  • (Android | iOS) “Post” button style customization available.

  • (Android | iOS) Now supports adding an image to a comment.

  • (iOS) Supports display the staff member badges in the conversion UI.



  • Conversation features have been improved for accessibility:

    • Accessibility-compliant names have been added for all menu elements.

    • A tab navigation has been added to the menu component.

    • When a dialog is closed, the focus returns to the element that was in focus before the dialog was opened.

    • The play button in video elements has been updated to receive keyboard focus.

  • Blocking users will no longer automatically block all user comments that have been approved.

  • Unless an avatar has been selected by a user or provided through a publisher implementation, the avatar will default to the initials of the user.

  • For a single-page application implementation, a publisher can set dark mode by article using the data-theme attribute in the Conversation embed code.

  • To maintain a simple user interface, large numbers use the letter K to denote 1000,  for example 12345 becomes 12.3K.

  • A comment that exceeds 300 characters is truncated by default and a Read More link can be clicked to view the entire comment. This default is customizable.

  • The Load more updates button has been replaced with an infinite scroll for Live Blog. 

  • The Lives In field in a user's profile can be disabled.

  • The design of the Conversation Read Article button has been updated to align with branding.

  • For AMP implementations, the height of Conversation has been adjusted to minimize whitespace.

  • For non-SSO partners, an endpoint has been exposed to retrieve user information for the Author Badge. See our developers hub for more information.

  • A focus lock has been added to each modal.


  • (Android) Added support for Android 12 (Snow Cone).

  • (Android |  iOS) Redesigned the guest nickname component in the comment creation screen.

  • (Android |  iOS) Upgraded Giphy dependency to version 2.1.12.

Admin Panel

  • You can now specify registration login options.

Popular in the Community (PitC)

  • The Top Comment indicator and upvote button can now be hidden from the product’s panel.

  • A sticky ad can now be displayed in PitC for improved viewability and revenue 

  • To enhance performance, animation now stops when PitC is out of view.  

Topic Tracker

  • Since single-page applications contain several article URLs, support for an embed-level post-url declaration has been added.

  • Design elements of Topic Tracker have been improved to create a native look and feel with a page:

    • The margins and padding of Topic Tracker have been updated for both mid-article and sidebar implementations. 

    • For sidebar implementations, the external border has been removed. 

  • Topic names now appear in title case.

  • To reduce layout shifting, the initial load performance has been improved. 

  • Minor button improvements have been made to support accessibility. 


  • To improve the accessibility of Sign In and Join modals, an underline hover effect for links and support for keyboard navigation have been added

Bug Fixes


  • Conversation page opens without issue.

  • Users can enter text into the search bar for GIFs and emojis.

  • Users remain logged in after using social signin.

  • Duplicate usernames can no longer be created.

  • Design elements of the Submit a Report modal have been corrected:

    • The margin between the title and the description has been reduced.

    • Radio buttons are left-justified.

    • Radio buttons load only as circles.

  • Share modal launches from Conversation page.

  • Non-saved fields remain after uploading a profile photo in the user profile.

  • Clicking Share or Report no longer causes a page shift.

  • Details from a previous user's session do not appear.

  • Users can select a topic from the feedback modal dropdown menu.

  • Share option appears for all new comments.

  • (Android/iOS) Conversation loads with the correct page size.

  • (iOS) Users can scroll through the GIF list.

  • (iOS) Feedback icons have the correct color applied.


  • Fixed manifest conflicting provider (when installing multiple apps with our SDK) - Android

  • Fixed the option to add image to a comment - Android 

Admin Panel

  • Users can switch between newsrooms on the same network.

  • All user details are fully viewable.

  • Search capabilities have been improved.

  • Conversation appears when Show Conversation has been clicked.


  • Timestamp translations display for all supported languages.

  • Dark mode support has been added for topic notifications icons. 

  • Notification marker only appears for unread notifications.

  • (Android/iOS) Article thumbnails are right-justified.

  • (iOS) Users can scroll through all menus. 


  • When switching between join and login modes, the email field is not in focus.

  • Sign Up or Log In modals load without any page shifts.

  • Excess padding has been removed from the Set Your New Password and Check your Email modals. 

Topic Tracker

  • Topic Tracker loads immediately when embedded above the fold.

  • Topic Tracker loads only when fetching topics is successful.

  • Article topics are no longer cut off in narrow-width containers or in Safari.

  • Spacing has been corrected to enable displaying more topics.

  • Non-ASCII characters are now supported in topic names. 

  • When no topics are tracked, the Manage Topics panel loads with a call-to-action message.

  • Onboarding notification messages for following a topic no longer appear when a user unfollows a topic from a new device

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