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Release Notes

October 2023

AUTHOR: OpenWeb Team

We've dedicated our efforts to deliver the most recent updates, combining enhancements and bug fixes, all aimed at guaranteeing a seamless and productive user journey.



  • Selecting Other as a report reason now requires entering additional details in the free text box, improving report accuracy.

Admin Panel

  • Moderation Mode enhancements: 

    • When using Moderation Mode to moderate, a counter of the remaining comments in the current batch displays alongside the session timer.

    • After completing a batch of comments, the message All Done! Starting a new session appears, an additional batch of comments loads, and the session timer resets.

    • Locked comments during a moderation session are released in the following instances: disabling Moderation Mode, refreshing the page, leaving the Moderation tab, or ending the session counter.

  • Conversations can be locked from the Article tab to prevent future comments.

  • Search in the Article tab loads all tags, displaying the most recent ones first.

Bug Fixes


  • Usernames are restricted to less than 31 characters.

  • Feedback can be submitted from the feedback modal.

  • The Show comments button is not present in all conversations that have no comments initially displayed and at least one comment published.

Admin Panel

  • Moderators can assign restricted word groups to articles.

  • Moderators and admins can bulk approve all comments from an article in the Article tab.

  • In Moderation Mode, each batch consistently loads 20 comments for each moderator.

  • Clicking the filters list in the Article tab no longer causes a crash.


  • Translation overrides within the registration page are correctly applied.

User Profile

  • User profile tooltips display reliably for comments loaded after clicking on Load more comments or the New comments toast message.

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