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Release Notes

November 2023

AUTHOR: OpenWeb Team

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New Functionality

We have introduced our innovative Floating Engagement Unit, a dynamic feature designed to enhance user engagement within your community. This unit captures users' attention, inviting them to seamlessly participate in conversations from any point on the page.

Upon scrolling down 100 pixels on an article page, this responsive floating unit loads at the bottom of the screen. 

This unit transitions between two distinct stages, adapting to the conversation status:

  • Static State: Displaying the number of comments posted on the article

  • Typing State: Featuring a typing animation

In both states, the unit displays:

  • A clickable down arrow icon to guide users to the Conversation

  • A context menu with the option to hide the unit or submit feedback

Once users navigate to the Conversation, the floating unit evolves to include a "back" function. This feature allows users to effortlessly return to the specific section of the article they were exploring.



  • Improved functionality prevents losing comment drafts during auto-refreshing page events.

Admin Panel

  • In Moderation mode, moderators can now switch between tabs (Approved/Rejected/All) while preserving their assigned comment batch.

  • Minor refinements have been added to the UI, including alphabetical sorting of AI models, displaying all team members' email addresses within the Team section, and renaming Blacklisted IP as Blocked IPs in the Advanced moderation section.


  • The data-reactions-theme attribute replaces the data-theme attribute in the Reactions module. This change resolves interference issues encountered when the data-theme attribute was used simultaneously in the Launcher for dark/light themes and in Reactions for keyword themes.

Bug Fixes


  • An issue causing Conversations to crash has been resolved.

  • The text field no longer overlaps the modal when submitting a report and selecting Other.

  • With Clarity mode enabled, a user receives a notification indicating whether an edited comment is pending approval or set for rejection.

Admin Panel

  • In Moderation mode, each moderator consistently receives a distinct batch of comments.


  • Email notifications are sent with a single logo.

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