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Release Notes

May 2023

AUTHOR: OpenWeb Team

Here are the latest product feature enhancements from our Product Team. Highlights include improved JavaScript events, user interface improvements and bug fixes for a streamlined experience.



  • For partners using single sign-on (SSO), we have separated the Log In and Sign Up buttons. Each button now triggers a different JavaScript event, which enables the correct modal to be displayed to end-users. To enable the Sign Up button, contact your OpenWeb PSM.

  • Multiple line breaks at the beginning or end of a comment are now removed.

  • The post_id and other relevant metadata can now be appended to Conversation JavaScript event listeners.

  • Conversation will now trigger a console log error whenever there is no valid post_id reported in the implementation.

  • The empty state of the conversation can now be turned off.

User Profile

  • The smart cropping of user avatars can now be disabled. This will crop a simple circle around the original image, instead of focusing on the faces in the image.


  • The spot-im-post-signup JavaScript event is now triggered when a user signs up through OpenWeb with a social network account.

Bug Fixes

Admin Panel

  • In the moderation panel, user mentions now appear only once.


  • A rare issue where no opacity was applied to the featured comment background color has been fixed.

  • Translations to the Like button now function as expected when the Heart icon is used for likes.

  • Appropriate number separators now appear according to the site's language.

  • Various UI improvements have been made to Appeal modals and notifications.

Live Blog

  • Reporters can no longer see the updates input box when a live event ends.

  • Using the frontend integration of LiveBlog's SEO Service now functions also when it is activated using a positioning div.


  • The title of the Sign Up modal will now change according to the action the user is trying to complete, such as "Sign up to Join the Conversation."

User Profile

  • When a user attempts to change their email to an existing user's address, an error message will now appear.

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