OpenWeb Team
Release Notes

March - April 2022

AUTHOR: OpenWeb Team

New Features

Notification Webhooks

  • Easily monitor message-related events through notification webhooks. This new feature allows you to pull audience activity including:

    • Likes

    • Message approvals

    • Message replies

    • Author and topic follows

    • User mentions

Topic Tracker

  • Users can now receive an email notification when a new article on a topic they are tracking is published. Users can adjust their email settings from both the Notification Settings menu (Notification Bell > ⋯ > Notification settings) and within the email notification itself.


  • Users can indicate the reason for reporting other community member’s comments.



  • The real-time typing indicator now shows when someone is typing a reply. It also shows when a user is scrolling the Conversation.

Email Notifications

  • Unsubscribing from an email points users to a landing page that confirms the successful removal from the mailing list.


  • Notification settings are now only available through the notification bell menu.

  • The following visual enhancements have been made to listed notifications:

    • Increased the size of the unread indicators.

    • Header title has been aligned with the user avatar.

    • Width of the list has been increased (Web only).


  • ReCaptcha v3 protection has been added to the user login process, to prevent bots from logging.

  • Added Single sign on support to React SDK


  • Updated the text of the comment button in Hebrew.


  • Added API call to set the initial sorting option when opening Conversation

  • Added API to set a callback when the user is pressing on the Conversation header

  • Added support to customize the like button to “Recommend”, “Upvote/Downvote” and “Heart”.

  • Now supports disabling a user’s avatar online indication

  • Now supports opening the comment creation screen directly from your application.

  • Now supports subscriber badges

Bug Fixes


  • Users can reply to comments in the Conversation page overlay.

  • (iOS) Users can scroll through user profiles and Community Guidelines


  • The direction of the action symbol (>) has been corrected for Hebrew.

  • The Email Address placeholder text is now translated into the language selected in the Admin Panel.

Admin Panel

  • Clicking the Forgot? link on the login screen sends an email with the proper reset password link.


  • (iOS) Users can scroll through notifications even when the scrollbar disappears.

  • All notifications are visible in the notification modal when SafeFrame is enabled.

  • Cursor pointer changes to a hand when hovering over a checkbox in Notification Settings.

  • After opting out from receiving an author, topic notifications are no longer received.

  • Users receive email notifications after resubscribing for email notifications.

  • Publisher initials are used as the fallback logo when no publisher logo is available.

  • Close icon (X) is visible and clickable on accelerated mobile pages (AMP).

  • Done and Cancel buttons are visible regardless of UI language.


  • Text input accepts entry when changing the password from within the user profile.

  • Only one registration modal can be opened at a time.

  • Reset Your Password title displays in password reset modal.

  • During the sign-up process, clicking Create Account creates an account without any browser issues.

  • When the Log in modal is opened, no field is the active focus.


  • Special characters are now supported in the title (question) and reaction options (answers).

  • Images in the reaction options properly render.

Topic Tracker

  • When a user opts out of notifications via email, the notifications settings UI is updated.

  • The Topic Tracker and ad unit load aligned next to each other.


  • Decoding special characters back in comment counters API

  • Colors of comment actions (up vote and etc.) when switching between light mode to dark mode and vice versa

  • Author profile is truncated when change to landscape mode

  • In Landscape, click "View reply", message and line will overlapped

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