OpenWeb Team
Release Notes

June - July 2021

AUTHOR: OpenWeb Team

New Features

Real-time Personalized Notifications

  • Personal notifications received in real-time will now prompt a temporary slider popup. Users can control which notification types to receive in this way through the notification settings menu.



  • More notifications now automatically surface in the Notifications menu as the user scrolls down.

  • The Notifications menu now changes height according to the content.

  • Unregistered users now see a message in the notifications menu inviting them to sign up.

Community Questions

  • You can now customize the appearance of Community Question, including alignment, font weight, color, and size.

  • Journalists can now create Community Questions, providing another way for writers and community members to engage—and to gain valuable data.


  • Added ability to approve or reject “Publish and Moderate” messages from Conversation.

Staff Report

  • When a staff member reports a message from the conversation the messages will automatically move to pending for review.

Rich Text Formatting in Safari

  • Added a new configuration for Rich Text formatting ("Aa") and disable completely from iOS mobile.

Broadcast Notifications

  • Broadcast messages were redesigned, and are now integrated into the rest of our Notifications offering.

  • Broadcasts now take up less real estate, and automatically disappear if users don’t interact with them.

Bug Fixes

The below issues have been resolved.

  • Users cannot scroll up/down Community guidelines modal (Mobile).

  • Social reviews empty state opens an empty tooltip.

  • Various Community Guidelines bugs (alignment, loader).

  • In some cases, clicking on 'Reply' caused infinite load (Mobile).

  • Various translation bugs (Russian, Hebrew, German).

  • Online indication is cut on the conversation.

  • When redirected to a comment, the brand color is too opaque.

  • Removed 'Mark all as read' option when there are no notifications.

  • Popup notifications settings option not appearing for all users.

  • Unread notifications badge not syncing when there are multiple bell menus on the same page.

  • Notification counter badge not clearing when a user logs out.

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