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Release Notes

June 2023

AUTHOR: OpenWeb Team

This month we've been hard at work squashing bugs and enhancing the stability and performance of our products:



  • Revenue Analytics: Added a Home Page Standalone Ad as a revenue source in the admin panel's revenue report.


  • UI Translations in French: The French translations in the user interface have been improved for a more fluid and intuitive experience.

  • Tab Events: Added client-side JS event listeners on tab clicks for analytics or triggering custom actions (see our developers' hub for more information).

Bug Fixes


  • Appeal (Beta)

    • Appeals now work as expected in SafeFrame implementations.

    • Fixed an issue where clicking on "learn more" only showed the community guidelines.

  • Closed Conversations: "Commenting on this article has ended" now appears in it's correct on-screen position in mobile devices.

  • Conversation Filters (Beta):

    • The Newest tab now always display relevant published comments.

    • Addressed the issue where reported messages lose their reported status when switching between tabs. Reported messages now retain their reported status.

    • Removed the "New comment" toast from the Controversial and Most Discussed tabs, aligning with the behavior on the Featured tab.

    • Users can now see their rejected comments in the "My Comments" tab instead of seeing the message "Your comment violated policy".

  • Editing Comments: When trying to edit a comment while another comment is already in 'Edit' mode, the previous comment's 'Edit' mode is automatically closed, allowing the new comment to enter 'Edit' mode.

  • Feedback Form

    • Addressed an issue where the Feedback modal displayed colorful input forms on sites with colorful backgrounds.

    • Resolved an issue where a redundant modal appeared in the background of the "Thank You" modal after sending feedback.

  • GIF Icon: Fixed an issue where if GIFs are disabled, the upload GIF icon briefly appeared and then disappeared.

  • Mentions were improved: we now look for both matching user and display names, showing the most relevant matches to users to select from.

  • Mobile Threading: Replies in mobile are now limited to 3 levels of indentation to ensure the entire thread is viewable on all viewports.

  • No-avatar theme now allows the user's display name to be clickable, prompting the user's profile on click.

  • Refresh Behavior: Fixed a minor issue that caused the "Cancel" and "Send" buttons to disappear when refreshing the page with a drafted comment.

  • SafeFrame: Fixed an issue where FireFox would save the user's Access Token in the SafeFrame's local storage.

  • Strict Mode explanations for comments pending moderation are now unified to display the same explanation to all users.

  • Timestamp: Updated the timestamp hover behavior to display the full date & time (e.g., "8 Jul, 2023 2:56 PM") in a tooltip instead of just the date.

Email Notifications

  • Fixed an issue where users receive an email with the title 'Your appeal has been approved' instead of 'Your report is approved' when reporting on another user's comment and the report is accepted.

  • Resolved multiple UI issues in email notifications rendering in Yahoo Mail.

  • Corrected the behavior of the toast notification when clicking on of an email notification for a deleted comment.

Admin Panel

  • The search functionality by article ID is now consistent, ensuring that all articles appear in the article tab when searching by article ID.

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