OpenWeb Team
Release Notes

July 2023

AUTHOR: OpenWeb Team

Here are the latest product feature enhancements from our Product Team. Highlights include user interface improvements and bug fixes for a streamlined experience.



  • In Social Reviews, replies can now be disabled, aligning with the desired experience on review-site partners. 

  • To improve accessibility, alternative text has been added for the Viewing icon at the top of the Conversation.

Bug Fixes


  • A Conversation prevents loading a shared comment if the destination page is outside the authorized URLs of an account.

  • Users can drag on the screen and zoom in on attached high-resolution images.

  • The Copy Link and Share toast messages now appear as expected.

  • Users can now edit the star rating they posted on Social Reviews.

  • The uppercase moderation filter no longer flags GIFs and emojis.

  • A vertical scrollbar no longer appears when a user reports or deletes a comment on small viewports.

Live Blog

  • When opened, a shared update from a Live Blog will display in chronological order of the event.

User profile 

  • The Likes received thumb icon aligns with the site's brand color.

  • Updates have been made to both French and Hebrew translations.

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