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Release Notes

January 2024

AUTHOR: OpenWeb Team

Dive into this month's release notes to discover some exciting enhancements and features. Stay informed and stay ahead as we kick off the year with a wave of optimizations designed to improve your experience.

New AI Moderation Solutions

Username and Display Name Model

  • The new AI Moderation Solution blocks inappropriate usernames and display names. When the model is activated, it prompts users to change any offensive names during registration or account updates in real time.

  • To enable this model within the Admin Panel, click Settings > Policy. Under Username and Display Name Moderation, click the toggle to Enabled.

  • This model is available only to publishers using OpenWeb registration.

Hate Speech Model

  • This model identifies and limits attacks on individuals based on characteristics, such as those against the LGBTQ+ community, to prevent controversial conversations and promote healthy dialogue.

  • We strongly recommend enabling this Hate Speech model together with the Hostility and Racism models. 

  • To enable these models with the Admin Panel, click Settings > Policy. Under Automated Moderation Filters, click the checkbox next to each model (Hate Speech, Hostility and Racism). Then, select the level of sensitivity based on your guidelines.


Floating Engagement Unit

  • You can activate the Floating Engagement Unit for one or multiple devices (desktop, mobile web, or both) and choose its location on page within the Admin Panel: Settings > General > Floating Engagement Unit.

Admin Panel

  • A list of team members can be exported. Go to Settings > Team. Then, click Export as CSV.

  • On the Moderation tab, messages can be searched by ID.

Bug Fixes


  • When clicking on the emoji icon on the SayCtrl, the emoji modal opens as expected.

Admin Panel

  • Words with special characters are now properly flagged.

  • Toggling on 2FA will now persist even after refreshing the page.

Live Blog

  • When an access_token expires, Live Blog reporters are automatically logged out and prompted with a login modal, ensuring a seamless and secure posting experience.

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