OpenWeb Team
Release Notes

January 2023

AUTHOR: OpenWeb Team

As we begin the new year, we've been busy squashing bugs and improving the performance and stability of our platform.



  • Sticky ad container animation now renders only once per second to improve performance.

  • Ads config script fetching mechanisms have been improved to reduce failed OWA-GW requests.


  • Localized separators have been added to numbers according to the UI language of the site.

Bug Fixes


  • Sticky ad container is triggered also when the ad is ≤ 50% viewable.


  • Long comments are truncated with a Read More... call to action.

  • (Safari) The Cancel and Save buttons appear immediately when editing a comment.

  • (Safari) The text editor is in focus when the Reply button is clicked.

  • The Report option has been removed for featured messages for all users.

  • Padding under user-uploaded images in the Conversation has been restored.

  • After muting a user, the confirmation prompt directs users to the privacy menu to unmute.


  • The data-theme implementation code attribute allows you to override the default theme.

User Profile

  • The ow-open-module function allows the triggering of the User Profile from external call to actions.

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