OpenWeb Team
Release Notes

February 2024

AUTHOR: OpenWeb Team

NEW In-Conversation Ads

Get exclusive access to our new monetization product, In-Conversation Ads. This new product seamlessly lazy loads ads between the comments in the conversation section of your page, without impacting UX. To participate in this beta opportunity, reach out to your Partner Success Manager.

Floating Engagement Unit

Now, you can effortlessly integrate our Floating Engagement Unit for Conversations implemented behind a button by utilizing our latest event listener. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Reach out to our Tech Support team at

  2. In the Admin Panel, click Settings > General. The General tab settings appear.

  3. Under Floating Engagement Unit, enable the feature. You can click enable the feature on desktop, mobile, or both platforms.

  4. Refer to our Event Listener Reference to listen for the floating_unit_clicked event listener to initiate the Conversation.

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