OpenWeb Team
Release Notes

February 2023

AUTHOR: OpenWeb Team

We have been working hard to improve the stability and performance of our platform and suite of products. We are also excited to introduce a new way for users to share comments.



  • Added support for explicit Share options in the body of the comment. This feature is available upon request from your PSM.

Popular in the Community

  • Added support for Video Takeover ads to improve monetization potential.

Bug Fixes


  • In-site Popup Notifications now appear for users who are opted-in to receive them.

  • When opening a notification or a shared comment link, the requested comment is now highlighted at the top of the Conversation.

  • When the Conversation opens in a Lightbox modal, it now displays the requested post correctly in the correct article.

  • The Comment Counter API now displays the correct number of messages posted.

  • Event Listeners now trigger only once per user action.

  • When a site staff member reports a comment, it now goes directly to pending status to be reviewed by a moderator.


  • When signing up, the Location suggestion dropdown is now fully displayed.

User Profile

  • (Native SDK) When Private Profile is enabled, the User profile now loads as expected, eliminating the infinite loading indicator.

  • (Native SDK) In the Settings menu, the user's email address is now displayed as expected.

  • (Native SDK) Users are no longer logged-out when attempting to access the User Profile.

  • When using a non-OW user profile, clicking your own name or the Profile link in the setting cogwheel triggers the custom user profile instead of the OW user profile.

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