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Release Notes

December 2023

AUTHOR: OpenWeb Team

Explore this month's release notes to stay informed about our newest features and optimizations, enhancing your overall user experience.

New Functionality

We proudly introduce our latest Bot Detection Model release, Suspected Bot. Suspected Bot analyzes user behavior and identifies bots contributing comments across our network. 

Use the following steps to activate this moderation filter:

  1. ​​In your Admin Panel, click Settings > Policy.

  2. Under Automated Moderation Filters, click the Suspected Bot check box.

  3. Use the slider to define the sensitivity level.



  • We have expanded our support for accessibility by introducing four distinct button state designs: default, hover, active, and focus.

  • Upon locking a conversation with no comments posted, you can eliminate the prompt asking users to be the first to comment.

Admin Panel

  • On the Settings > Policy tab, all automated moderation models are accessible within the main models list.

  • OpenWeb’s Hostility model has undergone a robust enhancement process.

  • When invalid characters are detected in a comment, they are highlighted on the Moderation > Comments tab.

  • A new source for Standalone Ads SDK has been added to the Monetization table on the Analytics > Monetization tab.

Bug Fixes


  • After muting a user, OpenWeb replaces the user's comment with a 'This user is muted' message.

  • The persistent 'Your comment failed to publish' error has been solved, and the Retry button works as expected.

  • The Gmail button appears in the OpenWeb login/sign up form.

  • A user can initiate a password reset as expected.

Admin Panel

  • Partners can authorize domains within the Admin Panel.

  • On the Moderation > Comments tab, the Posted in field on a comment card is accurately populated.

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