OpenWeb Team
Release Notes

December 2022

AUTHOR: OpenWeb Team

We're excited to share our last release notes for the year. This update includes a number of performance improvements and bug fixes to make our products as stable as possible.

As always, we value your feedback and welcome suggestions for future improvements.


Registration v1.3

  • When a Reset password link expires, users are now displayed with an error message, inviting them to generate a new one.

Bug Fixes

Conversation v3.71

  • When a shared link is clicked, the specific comment displays, highlighted in the brand color and in focus.

  • Only real URLs appear as external links in comments.

  • In the Settings menu, Moderator role users see the Set moderation to Default / Strict options instead of Fetching Info.

  • When sharing functionality has been disabled, the Share button no longer appears.

  • Adding an emoji to a new reply now works as expected.

  • When creating a comment as a guest, the user's pre-saved display name allows users to click on the post button.

  • The "Show more comments" CTA label is now consistent between the different loading states of the Conversation.

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