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Release Notes

August 2023

AUTHOR: OpenWeb Team

As we bid farewell to summer, our team has been diligently working to enhance the stability and performance of our products. In this release, we've rolled out a series of improvements and resolved various issues to ensure a seamless experience.



  • The Notifications menu now has a link context menu enabled, allowing users to open articles and comments they were notified about in new tabs.

  • Article, topic, and author names within email notification titles are now in quotes for clearer identification.

Bug Fixes


  • Conversation now resizes appropriately when the browser window is resized.

  • Real-time nudges and feedback no longer appear in Bozo (Shadow Reject) mode.

  • Empty comments can no longer be posted.

  • The user typing toast on mobile now correctly displays the number of people typing.

  • The user typing toast is now correctly translated on Hebrew sites.

  • Various accessibility improvements have been added for screen reader users:

    • Added alt descriptions to some decorative images.

    • Added accessible names to rich editing buttons.

    • Improved contrast ratio for default colors.


  • The Subscribe button in the notification bell, up/down vote in Conversations, and tracking a new topic in Topic Tracker all now redirect users to the partner's login screen.

Live Blog

  • Users can no longer report Live Blog updates.

User Profile 

  • A user can no longer change an avatar when this option is disabled.


  • Padding between Reactions and its ad unit has been reduced.

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