OpenWeb Team
Release Notes

April 2024

AUTHOR: OpenWeb Team

Discover the latest updates for this month and stay informed about our ongoing optimizations.



  • With the assistance of OW Support, users can be required to provide mandatory information when submitting a report.

  • If users attempt to leave a page while writing a comment, a Chrome pop-up warns them that their changes will not be saved. This pop-up does not appear when users click Sign up to comment.

Bug Fixes


  • The tooltip and hover feedback modal now appear with the correct theme in dark mode.

  • The GIF modal for nested replies works as expected.

Admin Panel

  • Restricted words are now highlighted in comments, regardless of their presentation in links/URLs, italics, capitalization, or mentions preceded by an “at” sign (@).

  • Moderators can navigate directly to a specific page by manually entering the page number in the Admin Panel URL.

  • Blocked users cannot be added to the Allowed list, and allowed users cannot be added to the Blocked list.

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